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Dirk's Rambles

July 16, 2021, Lehigh Gap

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Margaret dropped us off early this morning at Lehigh Gap to begin our trek up the mountain. Thanks again Margaret!!

The climb was challenging but not the nightmare I had pictured in my head. Loads of rocks and several climbs where we had to throw our trekking poles up over the rocks so we could use both hands to climb. Took us about an hour to reach the top (less than a mile).

The view was spectacular!

We ended up walking 16.1 miles today. Not bad for a couple of geezers, who made a particularly hard climb first thing in the morning.

I ran out of water at the end of the day because Ionly took a liter and 1/2 because of the climb. There were no other water sources. I mentioned with five miles to still walk to some other hikers that we were out of water and they generously gave us water. I believe it is because I started carrying the picture of Demetre Josebeck, a young man who died of an overdose three years ago. His mother, Toni Antonucci, told me he always had hiking the AT on his bucket list. So I asked her if I could carry his picture with me as I completed this trail. She said yes. I have always felt his presence with me since I began carrying his picture (in the Shenandoahs in VA) but today I felt he intervened on our behalf with the water. It has been great having him along.
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