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    Snake Gaiters

    Thread Starter: wiiawiwb

    For almost all of my adult life I have hiked and backpacked using trail runners. Twice this year, I encountered a Timber Rattler and was in the strike

    Last Post By: JNI64 Today, 10:41 Go to last post

    Winter cyber pub - come on in!

    Thread Starter: futureatwalker

    In the tradition of hikerboy57’s cyber café*, I’d like to welcome you to our warm and comfortable cyber pub. It's available for all who like to have

    Last Post By: futureatwalker Today, 09:21 Go to last post

    NY/NJ shuttle

    Thread Starter: tagg

    I've been trying to hire a shuttle for October 5th to pick me up in NY near the CT border and take me back to my car at the Mohican Outdoor Center in

    Last Post By: LittleRock Today, 09:18 Go to last post

    It finally happened...

    Thread Starter: Slo-go'en

    Got bit by a day hiker dog

    Going up the Imp trail for a 2 night hike on the AT. 1/2 mile from the ridge line, I see a couple with a

    Last Post By: stephanD Today, 09:01 Go to last post

    Southern New York - Woah!

    Thread Starter: LittleRock

    Just finished a section hike from Port Clinton, PA to I-87 in New York (southern end of Harriman State Park). From what I'd read I thought the rocks would

    Last Post By: stephanD Today, 08:23 Go to last post
    Time Zone

    Shock Cord Replacement - Hubbed poles

    Thread Starter: Time Zone

    A buddy of mine has an REI Half-Dome 2 Plus from the previous generation/design (tent is 5 yrs old). The poles' shock cord was lax, but neither of us

    Last Post By: Franco Today, 04:38 Go to last post