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    Section hike - where would you go

    Thread Starter: saranee

    If you only had 3 weeks to hike the AT trail in either April or May, what section of the trail would you hike and which month?

    Last Post By: Jim Adams Today, 23:32 Go to last post

    Tipping Shuttle Drivers

    Thread Starter: adam12

    Is it appropriate to tip shuttle drivers?? How many of you do?

    Last Post By: Jim Adams Today, 23:26 Go to last post

    couscous recipes

    Thread Starter: devoidapop

    What are some of your favorite couscous recipes?

    I'm planning meals for a trip and want to add a few new recipes. Just add boiling water

    Last Post By: Dogwood Today, 23:23 Go to last post

    Quilt vs Mummy Bag

    Thread Starter: ncwild

    So I am looking for a new sleeping bag or quilt. I do not like the confining restrictions of a mummy bag so I am thinking going with a semi-rectangular

    Last Post By: Jim Adams Today, 23:20 Go to last post
    Gambit McCrae

    The Wonderland Trail

    Thread Starter: Gambit McCrae

    I watched Gary Robbins FKT of the Wonderland Trail last night. First off I am always very impressed by his documentaries of his activities.

    Last Post By: Venchka Today, 22:45 Go to last post

    PCT section hike

    Thread Starter: engineer19


    I read many PCT...everyone always talk about thru hike.

    But is there no one who just do a big section?

    Last Post By: Venchka Today, 22:32 Go to last post