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    Another crime?

    Thread Starter: Igneouss

    I just saw an unconfirmed report of hiker (trail name: Hornet) claiming he is stealing from other hikers and avoiding the police. Can anyone confirm this?

    Last Post By: GoldenBear Today, 17:37 Go to last post

    Lone star tic......

    Thread Starter: JNI64

    The lone star tic, is alive and prevalent!! I live in north wv. And I guy I work with sent me a picture of a tic attached to him looking

    Last Post By: KimShea Today, 16:50 Go to last post

    First time Hot Springs to Erwin section

    Thread Starter: wolfywolfy

    I have other sections but I am about to do Hot Springs to Erwin for the first time. Anyone have any good tips for this area? Side trails I should not

    Last Post By: Seatbelt Today, 16:40 Go to last post

    tricky water spots between hot springs and damascus?

    Thread Starter: tdoczi

    no idea if this is the right spot to post this.

    last year i painted myself into a less than ideal corner in VA where for 12 or so miles between

    Last Post By: Seatbelt Today, 16:39 Go to last post

    pen mar park

    Thread Starter: ssterndo

    Can you leave your vehicles at Pen Mar park, when hiking the AT for 3 days? I cant remember if they permit it.


    Last Post By: Bloomer Today, 16:28 Go to last post

    Creative ideas for park sticker/patch collection?

    Thread Starter: Tklp

    I've started collecting a sticker and/or patch for parks that I've visited, but I'm struggling for a good idea of how to display them. I don't want to

    Last Post By: T.S.Kobzol Today, 14:17 Go to last post