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  1. Heading to EMS to do some shopping [PRE HIKE]

    I am going to head out to Eastern Mountain Sports this morning and look at backpacks. I love the backpack I have not but it is just not large enough to hold the cold weather gear that I will be starting with. I should rephrase that a little. I can fit all my cold weather gear in my current backpack but it is a very tight fit. I do want to have to struggle every morning in the cold to try and squeeze everything in the pack. I am going to try to find a bigger pack that I like that will fit everything ...
    2010 Pre Hike blogs
  2. On the Appalachian Trail I go [PRE HIKE]

    Clarity and inspiration,
    Happiness is a destination thatís hard to find.
    It may take some time.
    In my mind there's something more and I will open up a brand new door,
    And find the strength to close the ones I left behind.
    Iíll get there leaning on some friends I know.
    On the Appalachian Trail I will go.
    2010 Pre Hike blogs
  3. Why I am not using TrailJournals.com [PRE HIKE]

    I started out using www.trailjournals.com/attroll but my family and friends found the web site to confusing with all the other people hosting their journals on that site. They also commented that it was not easy to move around in. I found no problem reading and navigating at Trail Journals but then again I have been following hikerís journals on that site for years now. I decided to start working on my own journal web site to accommodate my family and friends. I now have my site completed. The only ...
    2010 Pre Hike blogs
  4. Solio Hybrid 1000 Solar Charger review [PRE HIKE]

    I recently purchased the Solio Hybrid 1000 Solar Charger. My purchase price was $49.95. I bought this for the purpose of recharging some of my electronics items during my thru hike in 2010. These items included my cell phone and two other items.

    I plugged the Solio Hybrid 1000 into my USB port on my computer as the instruction stated and let the unit fully recharge. I waited until my cell phone got low and then plugged the unit into my cell phone and initiated the recharge process. ...
    2010 Pre Hike blogs
  5. My thoughts on my resupply plans [PRE HIKE]

    At this point I have decided not to have any planned food or mail drops for the entire thru hike. There are enough road crossings where I can hitch into towns and get my supplies. I do not want to have to depend on the post office and it hours for anything.

    I will start out with a few mail drops at the beginning to see if I can get my wife involved in my thru hike and see if it will get here active and sharing in on the excitement of it. I was figuring to have two to test the waters ...
    2010 Pre Hike blogs