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Long Earred Owl

Added by TJ aka Teej
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  Description for Long Earred Owl

Description by TJ aka Teej

TJ aka Teej

Those aren't really ears, just long feather tufts.

Comments for Long Earred Owl (3)

  1. #1 bagheera
    I think you\'ve mis-Id\'d this, it is a Great Horned Owl
  2. #2 Birdny
    Re: Long Earred Owl
    Yeah not a LE Owl but a Great Horned-Owl
  3. #3 Dogwood
    Re: Long Earred Owl
    Have spotted several Great Horned owls. Most memorable occasion ocurred when camping along Eagle Creek in the Smokies while preparing dinner. It had jsut stopped raining when I first heard the familiar who whoo whooting. Then there it was, not even 30 ft away in a tree watching me eat. Very neat!
  4. #4 middle to middle
    Re: Long Earred Owl
    I always hike alone and it is most comfortitng to have an owls company