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Vv7h861hyv2n 1

Added by BlindMoose
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‹‹Baxter State Park, Maine   My First Moose  Vv7h861hyv2n 1  Moose In Baxter State Park

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  1. #1 Kerosene
    Re: Vv7h861hyv2n 1
    Please re-post in a larger size!
  2. #2 darkage
    Re: Vv7h861hyv2n 1
    that would indeed be a killer photo if it wasn't the size of an icon ... =]
  3. #3 Rain Man
    Re: Vv7h861hyv2n 1
    Not to mention... a DATE of the photograph.
  4. #4 maicheneb
    Re: Vv7h861hyv2n 1
    I can handle rattlesnakes and bears, but if I ever came around a corner on the trail and saw HIM, I'd crap my pants.
  5. #5 berkshirebirder
    Re: Vv7h861hyv2n 1
    Minnie Moose?
  6. #6 Hill Ape
    Re: Vv7h861hyv2n 1
    uphill, downhill, whatever, i'd yield the trail everytime to a moose