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Added by quicktoez
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‹‹GSMNP Elk   Deer  Deer  SNP "WILDLIFE"

  Description for Deer

Description by quicktoez


take on an island in Japan "Miajima" were their is no hunting and the deer eat out of you hands in the wild

Comments for Deer (4)

  1. #1 darkage
    Re: Deer
    So, thats what a japanese deer looks like .... heh
  2. #2 YoungMoose
    Re: Deer
    that would be so cool to be that close. were u even that close or you zoomed in
  3. #3 quicktoez
    Re: Deer
    You could pet them, it was mostly Temple grounds and they roam freely
  4. #4 Kerosene
    Re: Deer
    I came within 6 feet of a fawn on the AT just north of Washington Monument in Maryland who just walked around me while munching on a leaf every now and then.I rounded a corner in Virginia and came face-to-face with a 10-point buck about 10 feet from me. We were both shocked and froze until I tried to reach into my pocket to get my camera when it bolted back into the thicket.