Rockfish Gap at Afton

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You can park in front of the abandoned Holiday Inn, but the place still looks post-apocalyptic.

Comments for Rockfish Gap at Afton (3)

  1. #1 GoldenBear
    Re: Rockfish Gap at Afton
    My mistake -- it's a long-abandoned Howard Johnson restaurant.
  2. #2 Kerosene
    Re: Rockfish Gap at Afton
    I remember passing through when it was open in the mid-80's. We parked behind it planning to hike SNP from north to south, but had to get off at Loft Mountain Campground after I injured my Achilles. There wasn't much in the vicinity except for the Afton Inn when I covered that section in 2002.
  3. #3 BillyGr
    Re: Rockfish Gap at Afton
    The restaurant building was a Howard Johnson's - the cabins and other lodging options weren't, just independent places.The Inn at Afton (at the top, which may also no longer be open) was originally a Holiday Inn.