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Eleone and Mei at McAfee

Added by Aesop
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Eleone and Mei at McAfee

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by Aesop
‹‹McAfee panoramic view of the valley   Virginia Pine at McAfee Knob  Eleone and Mei at McAfee  McAfee Knob-rock-water-sky-mountain

  Description for Eleone and Mei at McAfee

Description by Aesop


Eleone & Mei at McAfee Knob hanging tight up in the clouds.

Comments for Eleone and Mei at McAfee (0)

  1. #1 Pencil Pusher
    That looks like a fun dog.
  2. #2 Aesop
    Mei (pronounced May) escaped 11 years ago to me, from a real bad place. I am the grateful one. When she wants to play, she bows down with both feet, until I reciprocate and then begins a bowing session between the two of us. Other times, she challenges me to a chase around the yard, cutting through the garden and waiting for me to catch up. Very funny, mei!