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Full Goose Shelter

Added by celt
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by celt
Full goose shelter Full Goose Shelter

  Description for Full Goose Shelter

Description by celt


A big shelter in the Mahoosuc Range just south of the infamous Notch. A good place for north-bounders to stay to hike the "most difficult mile on the A.T." first thing in the morning. Good water a short distance from the shelter. One 10'x16' platform for groups and three 10'x10' platforms are on site too.

This shelter sits on top of a ledge. Northbounders climb a ladder and enter the shelter clearing on the right side of this photo. The drop off is visable in the distant background, that must be what looks like a road. Definitly no roads in Mahoosuc Range.

Comments for Full Goose Shelter (3)

  1. #1 Aswah
    so that's what it looks like without rain...
  2. #2 Uncle Wayne
    One of the biggest shelters I've seen. Is that a road in the background, center of right edge of the photo?
  3. #3 TJ aka Teej
    One of the three AMC shelters as you enter Maine. This is where MEGAs try to scare GAMErs with tall tales of the Notch.