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Galehead Hut

Added by celt
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by celt
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  Description for Galehead Hut

Description by celt


This is the new Galehead Hut, built 1999-2000. Because it is on Federal Land its design had to be wheelchair accessible even though the trails leading to it don't. This means it has a ramp and one of the bunk rooms has an extra wide door. In 2000 a group including persons who are wheel chair dependant climbed to the hut and spent the night. The Hut's library has a scrap book with many great accounts of the journey. Also.. a great location, good views, remote with beautiful summits nearby.

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    Re: Galehead Hut
    "New"? With no date? Kinda weird, but a photo with a temporal caption, just no "temporal." Guess it's sorta existential or something?