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Throwing a food bag

Added by Hikerhead
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‹‹Sycamore Camp BMT   Staika In The Snow  Throwing a food bag  Where on Earth can you find toggles like this?

  Description for Throwing a food bag

Description by Hikerhead


I read a journal where some girls were having a hard time getting a food bag over a limb. I'm guessing that they were overhanding it. By using a small rock in a small bag and using a swirling underhand motion, any limb is reachable.

Comments for Throwing a food bag (2)

  1. #1 J5man
    Re: Throwing a food bag
    I'll bet you a snickers bar you can't do that on the first try!
  2. #2 rocketsocks
    Re: Throwing a food bag
    Looks like my golf swing