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Coming out of the closet???

Added by Photofanatic
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Coming out of the closet???

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‹‹Mo Mike   Mala  Coming out of the closet???  Hands Full

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Description by Photofanatic


He got a little lost in there and is looking for a guidebook

Comments for Coming out of the closet??? (3)

  1. #1 Programbo
    Re: Coming out of the closet???
    I`m sure this is way off the topic of why you posted these but I feel I must point out that the vast majority of "crossdressers" are completely heterosexual. (And yes I am aware the young man in the photo is most likely NOT a crossdresser in any event and was simply having some fun)
  2. #2 Photofanatic
    Re: Coming out of the closet???
    Before anyone else gets the idea that I am knocking anyone's preferences that is not the case. It is the color coordination and patterns that I am noting in the picture. In the real world I am a professional photographer. Many of my clients and friends are gay, lesbian, cross dresser, drag queens or just plain different to say the least. I do not choose my friends or clients based on their sexual preferences or what they wear. They all would find humor though in this photo as was intended and I am sure the choice of clothing he was wearing was chosen for the humor it exudes.
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  3. #3 CrumbSnatcher
    Re: Coming out of the closet???
    the cross dresser's name is wicked, and he has bagged more hiker chicks than anyone else i know of! on the AT and bars and restraunts along the way.