Plumorchard Gap Shelter, GA

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Plumorchard Gap Shelter, GA

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Description by Rain Man

Rain Man

My hiking partner, John, at Plumorchard Gap Shelter, GA, on Monday morning, November 10, 2003. PGS is a nice "triple decker" shelter, the last one in GA before Bly Gap and the NC state line.

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  1. #1 Uncle Wayne
    Triple decker? Does it have three sleeping floors? Looks like the same style as Hawk Mtn. Is it about the same size?
  2. #2
    Guest 13:29
    Yes, it has three sleeping floors/levels. The first level is about even with the top of the picnic table you can see. The second is above the first, set back a few feet (we slept there cross wise (with heads and feet towards the side walls), not sure if you could sleep the other way). Unlike Hawk Mtn Shelter, there's not enough height to stand on the first level portion that's under the second level. Clear as mud? The third level is actually above the picnic table ... you can see the plexiglass window that is right at the end of the third level. I'd say this shelter is bigger all-round than the Hawk Mtn Shelter.