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Wadleigh Stream Lean-To

Added by celt
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Wadleigh Stream Lean-To

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by celt
Maine Randoms Wadleigh Stream Lean-To

  Description for Wadleigh Stream Lean-To

Description by celt


Between Nahmakanta Lake and Nesuntabunt Mountain in the 100 wood, less than 40 miles from Katahdin. September 2003.

Comments for Wadleigh Stream Lean-To (2)

  1. #1 walkin' wally
    During a dry summer this shelter can be sometimes called Wadleigh No-Stream lean-to.
  2. #2 TJ aka Teej
    "No-Stream" Ha! Good one, Wally! GAMErs should tank up at the spring back on the side trail to the Nahmakanta Lake beach about .3 south of the lean-to. Nesuntabunt in the morning for nobos. (Nesuntabunt is the Penobscot Indian word for 'why-go-around-let's-go-over') Honest. No, really!
  3. #3 walkin' wally
    I bite on this one Teej. I think it means \'mountain with three peaks\'. And a morning stairmaster for northbounders. There was a very persistant bear here a few years ago. He must have got some easy food.