Minnesota Snmith

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‹‹Cheese takes on Mountain Momma's Cheeseburger.   Brian  Minnesota Snmith  Northern Harrier & Cookerhiker

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I met this fool at Black Gap Shelter. He was overwieght and insisted on carrying 6 liters of h2o, even though Lonestar and myself tried to explain to him that he didn't need to carry all that water. He'd ask for advise and then argue with you over that advise.

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  1. #1 neo
    Re: Minnesota Snmith
    i met minnsmith at the hikers paradise in gorham nh,he carries 6 rolls of toilet paper. my pack aint big enough to carry 6 rolls of toilet paper neo
  2. #2 Boston
    Re: Minnesota Snmith
    This "fool" is the best thru-hiker ever!
  3. #3 Rentman
    Re: Minnesota Snmith
    This "Fool" made it all the way to Katadyn. Some "fool" Huh.........
  4. #4 Belgarion
    Re: Minnesota Snmith
    Just because he made it all the way to Katadyn does not mean he is not a fool.
  5. #5 Belgarion
    Re: Minnesota Snmith
    It's an accomplishment for him to have thru-hiked, BUT, anyone who would ask people for advise, then ignore the advise given and go on to keep complaining, anyone who griped about dogs and women on the trail like he did, anyone who carried the stuff he did, is a fool in my book. Glad though he has such a fan club. Maybe you can get him to sign a copy of that book I heard he wrote.
  6. #6 Ramble~On
    Re: Minnesota Snmith
    I'm willing to bet he can spell Katahdin.
  7. #7 Outrider
    Re: Minnesota Snmith
    Quote Originally Posted by Boston
    This "fool" is the best thru-hiker ever!
    Tell me what it is you think it means to be the "best thru-hiker ever"?
  8. #8 lemon b
    Re: Minnesota Snmith
    Wonder what he is like now. Sure had drive. Only issue I had with the young man is he thought he owned the shelters back than. However, he wasn't a get more bees with honey type of individual at that point in time. Be willing to bet he is a different man today.