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"What is it?"

Added by Hikerhead
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  Description for "What is it?"

Description by Hikerhead


On the Andy Layne spur trial to Tinker Cliffs, beside Catawba Creek in Va.

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  1. #1 DebW
    An osage orange. I may be a yankee now, but I grew up in Missouri.
  2. #2 Hikerhead
    Is it edible? It looked like something had been munchin on them.
  3. #3 DebW
    Not sure. I never ate one.
  4. #4 Hikerhead
    I wouldn't either. It looked like a ball of maggots. Yum Yum!!
  5. #5 Canoe pusher
    Better than a Rubics Cube
  6. #6
    Guest 18:55
    it looks like the worms in my intestine
  7. #7 Chief Choctaw
    Looks like an Osage Orange ball to me.

    Good photo, Choctaw
  8. #8 Doctari
    Looks like an osage orange to me, I'm 99.99% sure. They are toxic, or so I'm told. Like an orange, it is a seed container. The wood was highly prized for making bows, and is VERY beautiful.
  9. #9 magic_game03
    it\'s rare ancient yellow mountain kryptonite from the plannet TP. if you use it properly you can ward of ward lennard, leap tall mountains like BJ, and hike to enternity like EZ1. or trade it to GW as a weapon of mass destruction for all the gold in the world!!!
  10. #10 bagheera
    It is an Osage Orange, It is somewhat toxic, we used them to keep rodents away.
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