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Low Gap Shelter

Added by Youngblood
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‹‹Low Gap Shelter, GA   Low Gap GA Shelter  Low Gap Shelter  Low Gap Shelter, GA

  Description for Low Gap Shelter

Description by Youngblood


Low Gap Shelter is located 41.3 miles north of Springer and holds about 7? people.

Comments for Low Gap Shelter (7)

  1. #1 Penscal
    If I recall correctly from 1978, this shelter is steeply up the hill from the trail, which makes the name "Low Gap Shelter" amusing in hind sight.
  2. #2 Youngblood
    There are "Low Gap Shelters" in several states along the AT. The Low Gap Shelter on the Georgia section of the trail is actually slightly downhill from the AT.
  3. #3 mongo
    Looking cold and horrible....which is how I remeber it. In fact I introduced a nice man from Texas to the refreshing qualities of hot "cool-aid".
  4. #4 Rain Man
    Stayed there in November 2003. This shelter now has 3 sides. In this pic it appears to only have a back and one side. It also has a flying squirrel.
  5. #5 Youngblood
    Rain Man,

    It had all three sides. Someone had put some plastic over half the entrance to block cold wind.

  6. #6 Rain Man
    Youngblood, in this pic, it looks as if this end has no wall. In any event, when I was there, this end did have a wall, thus the shelter was 3-sided like all the rest. Maybe my eyes are just fooling me in this photo.
  7. #7 Pixelgator
    Re: Low Gap Shelter
    It now has three sides and steps on the right side.