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Most shelters hav'em

Added by LovelyDay
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‹‹Stratton Pond LT 1990s   Pico Camp  Most shelters hav'em  Cooper Lodge

  Description for Most shelters hav'em

Description by LovelyDay


8/16/2014 ~ I stopped in at the Pico Camp Shelter for lunch to find this fellah waiting for me to drop a few crumbs.

Comments for Most shelters hav'em (2)

  1. #1 steelfly
    Re: Most shelters hav'em
    Nice Peromyscus (Deer Mouse) maniculatus or White Footed Mouse (P. luecopus).... Just a guess!
  2. #2 Kerosene
    Re: Most shelters hav'em
    Yep, I recognize the big ears from my overnight stay at Taft Lodge on Mt. Mansfield during my SOBO Long Trail thru-hike in August 1979. These guys started racing across the floor well before sundown!