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Added by Quoddy
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by Quoddy
‹‹Neoair In Mld Bivy   Neoair In Mld Bivy  Neoair  Sleeping Gear

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Comments for Neoair (6)

  1. #1 Big Dawg
    Re: Neoair
    Dangit that's little.... & comfy from what I hear. This pricey little item is beggin to be added to my UL wishlist. I have a feelin it's gonna win.
  2. #2 SunnyWalker
    Re: Neoair
    What is it????!!?
  3. #3 Kerosene
    Re: Neoair
    Quote Originally Posted by SunnyWalker
    What is it????!!?
    It's a lightweight, high-tech, high-priced, 2.5" next generation inflatable sleeping pad from Thermarest.
  4. #4 darkage
    Re: Neoair
    Best night of sleep you'd hope to ask for is what that is ... i wouldn't trade mine for nothing, neoair large at 19 ounces and works for me down to about 15 degrees ...
  5. #5 driver
    Re: Neoair
    I love mine.....
  6. #6 coach lou
    Re: Neoair
    this picture sold me!