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Wayah Bald

Added by gghiker
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by gghiker
‹‹Clingman's Dome   Wesser Bald  Wayah Bald  KATAHDIN

  Description for Wayah Bald

Description by gghiker


Morning at the intersection of the AT and Bartram trail: Wayah Bald, Nantahala NF.

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  1. #1 Cosmo Rules
    Re: Wayah Bald
  2. #2 Kerosene
    Re: Wayah Bald
    Whoa, that is a gorgeous picture! I can only imagine how awe-inspiring it was in person!
  3. #3 MedicineMan
    Re: Wayah Bald
    The most beautiful pic off the AT I've ever seen.....very much like a Kinkaid painting.
  4. #4 Short Term
    Re: Wayah Bald
    Another beautiful picture....

    Thank you!
  5. #5 tripp
    Re: Wayah Bald
    Wow talk about being in the right place at the right time for this amazing photographic opportunity!
  6. #6 YoungMoose
    Re: Wayah Bald
    Thats awsome
  7. #7 jb-
    Re: Wayah Bald
    "Once in a lifetime" shot! Nothing short of amazing
  8. #8 ShoelessWanderer
    Re: Wayah Bald
    That's an incredible shot! Thanks so much for posting!
  9. #9 datadog314
    Re: Wayah Bald
    I simply shake my head....wow.
  10. #10 datadog314
    Re: Wayah Bald
    What brand of camera were you using?
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