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Tipperary summits

Added by Jaybird
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by Jaybird
‹‹Privy At Katahdin Stream Campground   Baxter's Own Words.  Tipperary summits  Katahdin Stream Campground Lean-To #1

  Description for Tipperary summits

Description by Jaybird


sorry don't have ALL names.
(L-R back row Face, Blaze, Wizard, Tipperary, (front row sitting LeapYear.

Celebrating after Katahdin summit.

Comments for Tipperary summits (1)

  1. #1 TJ aka Teej
    Who are the other hikers in this pic, Jaybird?
  2. #2 walkin' wally
    I think the guy with the beard, third from the left, is Starbuck. I met him at Full Goose Shelter along with Leap Year and Wizard. I also met Constant Motion, Oopala and Commander in Chief there too. They must have all summited about the same time.
    Nice pic. Looks like they are having a great time. Maybe the lady in the blue top kneeling is Lonesome Dove?
  3. #3 Moose2001
    let me try this...hmm...(L-R backrow)Face, Blaze, Starbuck, Tipperary, Jason, Wizzard, and Tipperary\'s brother.

    Kneeling on the right is Trout Lilly. I believe the woman on the left in blue is Trout Lilly\'s sister.

    Sitting is Leap Year.
  4. #4 celt
    Jaybird, we almost met. I have a nearly identical shot of Tipperary and friends. http://www.trailjournals.com/photos.cfm?id=33880