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Ore Hill Shelter

Added by Hikerhead
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  Description for Ore Hill Shelter

Description by Hikerhead


DebW enjoying a break at this shelter that came with it's own oil painting hanging on the wall.

Comments for Ore Hill Shelter (3)

  1. #1 retread
    Hikerhead...I saw this photo and couldn't believe it.
    I was hiking with fiddlehead (a female section hiker from Onset,Mass. not THE fiddlehead of the underwear guys) anyway...we had all but run out of food when we hit the paved road right after Mt.Cube, so we hitched to the Sugar Shack where we got a ride to the store and slept in the barn. Next morning we were walking/hitching back to the trail when we saw two old oil paintings set out for the trashman. Fidlehead and I laughed and said how neat one of those would look in a shelter...then we just stared at each other and I said, "The next one is only 2.6 miles." Just the day before we had meet Tubaman on his way southbound so fiddlehead says, "If a guy can carry an fn tuba all the way to Georgia, I can carry a painting 2.6 miles." So, I tied it to the back of her pack (I have the pictures to prove it) and away we went. We stopped at Ore Hill, which was brand new then, (previous thru-hikers had stayed at an old house a short ways down Atwell Hill road) and left the painting. If anyone stays there, look on the back of the painting and you will see "Retread and Fiddlehead 2000" written in magic marker.
    Man...you brought back a flood of memories when I saw that that painting is still there.
  2. #2 Hikerhead
    We wondered how that got there. Great story. It still looks like it was just painted. The mice even like looking at it as they haven't ate on it. I remember when Tubaman came thru these parts the local paper did a good story on him.

    Yes, you have to post your pic to support your claim to fame even though I believe you.
  3. #3 Hikerhead
    Re: Ore Hill Shelter
    This shelter was destroyed by arsonist in the fall of 2011.