Clarendon Gorge, Vermont

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Clarendon Gorge, Vermont

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Kerosene's younger brother, Peter, waaay down in Clarendon Gorge, Vermont (August 1979)

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  1. #1 Hammock Hanger
    Love this photo, I was out of film when I went thru here. Thanks. (Did you stop at the Whistle Stop Cafe up the road from here?)
  2. #2 Kerosene
    We were hiking south when this picture was taken on a thru-hike of the Long Trail in 1979. Two nights prior we had overnighted at the Inn at Long Trail. On this day we did 18 miles to stay at the Little Rock Pond Shelter. I'm not sure if the Whistle Stop was around back then.

    You can barely make out the Mill River flood line on the side of the rocks, about 30 feet high. The current suspension bridge was dedicated to a fellow Colgate alum, Robert Brugmann, who drowned while attempting to cross during the 1973 flood that took out the original bridge.
  3. #3 Kerosene
    I visited the Gorge in July 2003 with my 13-year old daughter. I tried to re-create the shot, but I wasn't really wearing the right clothes to get all the way up. 24 years later, the rocks are a little smoother and just slightly different if you look hard. I'll post the newer photo when I get my scanner working again.
  4. #4 mikec
    Re: Clarendon Gorge, Vermont
    After that steep down from the airport overlook, this was not a fun up.