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Kerosene in Eastern Vermont (2000)

Added by Kerosene
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Kerosene in Eastern Vermont (2000)

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  Description for Kerosene in Eastern Vermont (2000)

Description by Kerosene


A much older, wizened Kerosene in eastern Vermont in September 2000.

Comments for Kerosene in Eastern Vermont (2000) (2)

  1. #1 Penscal
    Seems you have been hiking about six years longer than I have. Started out as an ignorant novice, hiking up the starter trail to Spinger from the state park, have always advised folks not to do that, seems now there are several access points not available when I started. We do change over time, regardless of what we do to keep in shape.

  2. #2 Hikerhead
    OK, Kerosene. Tell us how you got the number 1 most viewed pic on WB?
    6,530 views, good golly that\'s a lot of looking!! And this shot doesn\'t even show those fancy red shoes. Just Kiddn\' dude. hehe
  3. #3 Kerosene
    I have a link to this picture as part of the WhiteBlaze.net greeting message. You combine that with rugged good looks and all the girls want to get a closer look!!!
  4. #4 Kerosene
    See what I mean!
  5. #5 Hikerhead
    Re: Kerosene in Eastern Vermont (2000)
    Over a 1000 views in 3 months!!! I think you also have this linked to GQ mag or something similiar. You're some kind of a marketing genious, aren't ya. hehe