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Blood Mtn Shelter, GA

Added by Rain Man
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Blood Mtn Shelter, GA

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‹‹Blood Mountain Shelter   Blood Mountain Shelter  Blood Mtn Shelter,  GA  Blood Mountain GA

  Description for Blood Mtn Shelter, GA

Description by Rain Man

Rain Man

Blood Mountain Shelter, GA, from the rocks above it, Rain Man, Sunday around noon, August 3, 2003

Comments for Blood Mtn Shelter, GA (7)

  1. #1 smokymtnsteve
    great shot...good perspective..how'd you get up there and how'd yu get down
  2. #2 Rain Man
    Actually, SmokyMtnSteve, it's not hard at all to climb up the rocks overlooking the shelter.
  3. #3 walkin' wally
    Re: Blood Mtn Shelter, GA
    Nice pic Rain Man.
  4. #4 darkage
    Re: Blood Mtn Shelter, GA
    nice pic, i've heard stories about this shelter and the local bears .... can't wait for my turn to stay there ... soon! =]
  5. #5 Kerosene
    Re: Blood Mtn Shelter, GA
    Quote Originally Posted by darkage
    can't wait for my turn to stay there ... soon! =]
    I'd suggest tenting south of this shelter below the summit; the cabin is very dark and can be messy.
  6. #6 Gambit
    Re: Blood Mtn Shelter, GA
    Ha well welcome to shelter camping right rain man? Although I wouldnt want to sleep in one every night like on a thru for example, they do add a kind of "spirit" to the trip and have made several of my trips so memorable. If only there were pads close to shelters it would be the best of both worlds!
  7. #7 skipper1962
    Re: Blood Mtn Shelter, GA
    we day hiked up there at the end of June. It was infested - and I don't use the term lightly - with a huge swarm of flies. Deeply disgusting and horrifying, really. I don't know if someone had left food in there, or an animal had died in there, or what, but it was horrifying enough I'm not sure I ever want to sleep in there. Has anyone been since? Same or somehow cleaned out?