Rattle Snake

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Description by Hikerhead


I didn't have any bear or boar encounters on the BMT/Smokies hike but I did share a moment in time with this guy. He was in a creek I was just getting ready to cross. Between Campsites 81 and 77. BMT/Smoky's 5-27-07.

Comments for Rattle Snake (2)

  1. #1 Jan LiteShoe
    Re: Rattle Snake
    Woohoo! That gives rock-hopping a whole new meaning...
    He's got his eye on you!
    What a strong-looking boy (or girl...)
  2. #2 Hikerhead
    Re: Rattle Snake
    He was a little PO'd. About 4 or 5 ft up stream from where I crossed. He shooked me up a little, proof by the blurred picture even with my camera in the anti-shake mode.