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Hurd Brook Lean-to

Added by TJ aka Teej
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Hurd Brook Lean-to Sept. 08 hurd brook lean-to Hurd Brook Lean-to

  Description for Hurd Brook Lean-to

Description by TJ aka Teej

TJ aka Teej

The last lean-to in the Hundred Mile Wilderness for GAMEers. Beer and Ben&Jerry's are only four miles away!

Comments for Hurd Brook Lean-to (2)

  1. #1 celt
    A place of deep relfection for North Bounders. In '99 the register was full of many good-byes with long lists of names.
  2. #2 Uncle Wayne
    Good description and photo.
  3. #3 walkin' wally
    One of three lean-tos in Maine with a baseball bat floor.