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Added by slow mind
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‹‹Moose   The local fauna  Moose  Mt Madison Hike August 2011

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Comments for Moose (4)

  1. #1 OzJacko
    Re: Moose
    Absolutely the kind of scene that makes me hike....
  2. #2 Train Wreck
    Re: Moose
    great photo, really like the pattern of the white birch and its reflection...of course, the moose is the star of this picture
  3. #3 4Bears
    Re: Moose
    Nice pics, I love that place
  4. #4 Teacher & Snacktime
    Re: Moose
    This is one great picture...I'm with Train Wreck that the refectiion and entire composition is perfect. Might make one rethink the "no wilderness" idea of the AT