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Trail Days 2012

Added by ShawnR80
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‹‹Trail Days 2012   Trail Days 2012  Trail Days 2012  Trail Days 2012

  Description for Trail Days 2012

Description by ShawnR80


A group of thru-hikers 2012.
Trail names are: Bender, Birdman, Bumblebee, Shine, Belch and Papiolion.

Comments for Trail Days 2012 (4)

  1. #1 Brently
    Re: Trail Days 2012
    Hey that's me! Wow I forgot about this picture. Great time at Trail Days 2012
  2. #2 Kerosene
    Re: Trail Days 2012
    Which one is you Brently? (Never mind, I looked up Brently's Profile. He goes by the trailname "Belch" (I wonder why?) and is second from the right with the uke and grey Crocs.)
  3. #3 Kerosene
    Re: Trail Days 2012
    I just realized that I think I met Birdman near Mahoosuc Notch during my September 2012 section hike. Looks like the same guy with a shorter beard. Small world.
  4. #4 Brently
    Re: Trail Days 2012
    from left to right: I can't remember the first guy, then Birdman, Papillion, myself (Belch-named by an eleven year old in GA near Neels Gap for my offensive mouth flatulance), Shine with the uke, and I don't know the last guy is, oh and Yo-Yo is the dog