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Rainbow Stream Lean-to

Added by The Old Fhart
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‹‹Rainbow Stream Lean-to   Rainbow Stream Lean-to  Rainbow Stream Lean-to  Rainbow Stream Lean-To

  Description for Rainbow Stream Lean-to

Description by The Old Fhart

The Old Fhart

The woods in back of the shelter are full of tents. This shelter is quite often crowded. If you have the Feb. 1987 National Geographic article on the A.T., they had a picture taken from this spot.

Comments for Rainbow Stream Lean-to (1)

  1. #1 walkin' wally
    If you like the sound of rushing water as you fall asleep at night this is a good place to be. Rainbow Deadwaters and Rainbow Lake are just to the north.
    It is a fairly flat cruise to Baxter Park from here.
  2. #2 B Thrash
    Re: Rainbow Stream Lean-to
    On September 17, 2005 the two logs crossing the stream was gone so off come the shoes and another cold bath. This was the last stream crossing that I remember going north.