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Rainbow Stream Lean-To

Added by celt
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Rainbow Stream Lean-To

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by celt
‹‹Rainbow Stream Lean-to   Rainbow Stream Lean-to  Rainbow Stream Lean-To  Rainbow Stream Shelter's baseball bat floor

  Description for Rainbow Stream Lean-To

Description by celt


Once pictured in National Geographic Magazine for a 1987 article. Located in a beautiful evergreen forest just south of Rainbow Lake, 30 miles from Katahdin. Built in 1970 and still has a baseball bat floor.

Why Lean-To? The same question was asked in the Poplar Ridge register (see photo of Poplar Ridge Lean-To) and the maintainer's answer was "Why? Aren't they all?" A simple three sided shelter can be built by leaning small logs against a horizontal log, attached to two trees some feet from the ground, to form a crude roof. This is the origins of lean-to. Some trail clubs choose to use the name.

Comments for Rainbow Stream Lean-To (2)

  1. #1 Uncle Wayne
    A pretty setting for a shelter. Why are the shelters called "lean to" in Maine?
  2. #2 TJ aka Teej
    A classic shot, a bit drier than the one on the 2004 DataBook cover. A oldtimey "lean-to" was little more than branches leaning up against a cross bar with boughs for a floor. The open side was faced away from the wind.
  3. #3 walkin' wally
    Rainbow stream does get spells of low water when a dry summer is happening. At other times there can be a lot of water going downstream. It is hard to believe that long-logs were driven down this stream in the 1800's by the old lumberjacks. It was a lot of work. These long-logs were used at sawmills for dimension lumber and were the largest to the smallest diameter the sawmill could use.