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Saturday at dinner

Added by Dharma
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by Dharma
‹‹Patrick, Dragon Slayer, Dharma, and Leki-less   Mello and Bone Dancer  Saturday at dinner  Flora

  Description for Saturday at dinner

Description by Dharma


Rain Man, Footloose, Nuffy, and Camel having dinner at the Old Mill Restaurant.

Comments for Saturday at dinner (0)

  1. #1 Jaybird
    Dharma: that would be \"RAINMAN\" on the left...
    hey, did u ever get your LASAGNA order from SICILY\'s???
    hehehehehe! ;0)

  2. #2 Rain Man
    That would be Rain Man, Footloose, Nuffy, and 30-30. Trail Days \'05.

    Dinner at the Old Mill Restaurant (if I recall the name correctly).
  3. #3 Dharma
    Thanks Rain Man, it\'s taken me a few days to notice where the \"edit photo\" option was. I must have had a brain fart when I typed the caption.