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Exhibit A

Added by Uncle Wayne
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‹‹BLOOMNZ   Roan Highlands Rhody close-up  Exhibit A  Salamander

  Description for Exhibit A

Description by Uncle Wayne

Uncle Wayne

For those of you old enough to remember August 1969, I thought this was what Arlo Guthrie held up to the crowd at Woodstock and identified as "Exhibit A." Found on the trail south of Tesnatee Gap.

Comments for Exhibit A (1)

  1. #1 Ramble~On
    Re: Exhibit A
    Oh yeah, sorry about that...I don't litter and to me throwing seeds around isn't littering but I guess if that plant isn't native to the area it wasn't a very Leave No Trace move on my part......guess there must have been some fog clouding my judgement.
    Hey...wait a minute....is that a wild strawberry ?

    ---- Oh, i recognize that plant in the upper right of your picture...it's nature's toilet paper