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Added by Old Hickory MH
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‹‹Roan Highlands Rhody close-up   Exhibit A  Salamander  Wild Flower on Rich Mtn

  Description for Salamander

Description by Old Hickory MH

Old Hickory MH

Out sunning himself

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  1. #1 MOWGLI
    Nice shot. That\'s not a salamander however. I believe it\'s a male 5 Lined Skink, which is a reptile. Salamanders are amphibians.
  2. #2 jags
    Is this salamander on one of the steeper stretches of the AT.
    I\'ve been looking at quite a few photos to get some idea of what to expect by way of trail grades and conditions. Most of the photos, which are all of a good standard, seem to be taken in nice weather and on flat or well graded trail.
    Are there any photos of the steeper, rock-scrambling or boggy parts. ? Who has taken them or in which state folio can they be found.?
    Are the difficult parts so tough that no one dare stop to take a photo. ?

  3. #3 Old Hickory MH
    I have quite a bit of pictures to upload, just finding the time to do it is the only thing holding me up. The pictures I will be sending are from Front Royal Va. to Caledonia State Park in Pa. Front Royal to Harpers Ferry this May and Harpers Ferry to Caledonia last Sept. This picture was a test run as to how to upload correctly. The critter was snapped about 1/2 mile north of U.S. 522 across from the National Zoological Park. The section is cosidered quite easy, but rest assured there are indeed some places that will give you pause as to taking pictures, they are probably the best pictures though.
    Old Hickory .......... I\'d rather die living life than live life dying.