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Ursack attacked by raccoons

Added by GoldenBear
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Ursack attacked by raccoons

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Stephenson’s Warmlite backpack year???  Ursack attacked by raccoons  Ursack attacked by raccoons

  Description for Ursack attacked by raccoons

Description by GoldenBear


Result of my Ursack being attacked by raccoons overnight. I should have kept my food an trash in the odor proof bag, but didn't. Despite innumerable bites and scratches, the bag was not penetrated. However, the food containers inside were all broken, food went to the bottom of the bag, and (apparently) the raccoons were able to moisten and eat a lot of it. Saliva, perhaps?
I continue to recommend the Ursack, but be certain to use both the bag AND the odor-proof plastic container.

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