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AT Sign at Lehigh Gap, PA

Added by ga2me9603
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‹‹10127602535 493f6789f9 o   10127599095 506dff1488 o  AT Sign at Lehigh Gap, PA  Rocky Trail

  Description for AT Sign at Lehigh Gap, PA

Description by ga2me9603


This sign is at Lehigh Gap, PA, near the west end of the Lehigh River Bridge at PA 873.

According to the Appalachian Trail Data Book 2015, Slatington, PA (zip code 18080), with post office, groceries, lodgings and meals, is two miles east of here.

IMO, Slatington is an easier walk (and hitch into), if you're northbound, than crossing the bridge to its east end and trudging into Palmerton. It's a nice small town, too.

Photo taken 10:54 a.m. Tuesday, April 1, 2014.

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