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Woods Hole Shelter

Added by Youngblood
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‹‹Wood's Hole Shelter, GA   Woods Hole Shelter  Woods Hole Shelter

  Description for Woods Hole Shelter

Description by Youngblood


Woods Hole Shelter is located 26.6 miles north of Springer and accomodates 7 people. It's hard to make out in the photo but the shelter does have a large overhang that covers a picnic table.

Comments for Woods Hole Shelter (8)

  1. #1 Kerosene
    Thanks for putting up photos of all these shelters, Youngblood! Any chance you could accompany them with a critique? I'll do the same once I finish with my central Virginia hike in a few weeks.
  2. #2 Youngblood

    Seems like the guidebooks consistantly covered water sources and distance off the trail, but there are other factors that I wished I had known. Any ideas about a detailed list of things that people would like to know? I was thinking that most of it should be brief and structured.

  3. #3 smilinguy
    How about an estimate of shelter capacity? Would give an approaching hiker some idea of the size of the shelter. How many hikers can fit?
  4. #4 Youngblood
    Okay folks, I finally got around to posting pictures of all the shelters on the Georgia section of the Appalachian Trail plus the approach trail from Amicalola Falls State Park. I have included sleeping capacity, miles from Springer and any other noteworthy item that I could think of that is not routinely included in the data/guide books...now, what is it that I didn't think of?
  5. #5 Penscal
    I do not recall this shelter from 1978 or 1980 hike thru this area, what is the date of this shelter?

    Do not recall Gap being named at that time also, remember nice stream near ascent of Blood Mt in 1980, but of course no signs as I recall at that time, also thanks for the effort with your shelter pics.
  6. #6 Youngblood
    I think this shelter was built in 1998 and is near Bird Gap, which is the southern end of the Freeman Trail (bad weather by-pass of Blood Mountain).

    Slaughter Gap might be the name of the gap you are thinking of on the south side of Blood Mountain.

    It was kind of fun to go and take the pictures of the shelters, gave me a mission.
  7. #7 Penscal
    At any rate very nice pictures, are you using digital, am thinking of buying a Hewlet packard 912, have an old Pentax Me Super from the 80's very heavy but great pictures.

    It was very dry that year, recall a group of hikers going south as I began asent of Blood Mt. asking about the water situation only water I found was the stream I mentioned.

    What are your thoughts on water given this years rains..between Dicks Creek Gapand Unioci for late October, will be latest I have hiked, doing so for my son who will have fall break at that time, recall campsite about 8 miles past "old" blue mt shelter, another shelter I stayed close to (always sleep in my tent) couple with a thru hiker that completed trek year prior, funny he went crazy over my Seven saw, believe my new trail buddies renamed him "cutting jack"

  8. #8 Youngblood
    That's a tough 16 mile section (by Georgia standards) with three pretty good climbs for nobo's, Rocky Mountain, Tray Mountain and Kelly Knob. Tray Mountain shelter is about 5.5 miles north of Unicoi Gap/GA75 and Deep Gap shelter is about 3.5 miles south of Dick's Creek Gap/US76. There are no major water crossing, but water and camp sites should be plentiful. Some of the water sources are located on short sidetrails and there are water sources near both shelters.

    Probably would be best to use the forum section of this site to get up-to-date trail conditions. Most people rarely visit the comment sections of the photo gallery. Also, the GATC web site (www.georgia-atclub.org) has a wealth of information. Be advised that there is now a $2/day parking fee at both Unicoi Gap and Dick's Creek Gap.
  9. #9 blindeye
    kerosene, new to this so excuse any formalities i didn\\\'t follow. that being said i see you\\\'re a sobo thru hiker. i am planning a spring 2006 sobo thru hike. the reason i\\\'m planning so far out is multiple. although i am usually a private person i must ask someone who has done a sobo because i have several issues that i will explain. #1 i have had a heart heart attack and triple bypass #2 i am about 40lbs overweight and out of shape and i\\\'m 48yrs old#3 i am legally blind on the bright side i joined a gym and i am working out on a regular basis. i am determined to hike theA.T. so any advice you can give would be appreciated. i am studying up on equipment by reading everything i can get my hands on. again any info or suggestions are welcome. please respond on private messages
    p.s. am having a littlt trouble posting threads etc. advice there would be welcome also.
    p.p.s advice from anyone else is welcome also please private message for now