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Cloud Pond Lean-To

Added by celt
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by celt
Cloud Pond Lean To Cloud Pond Lean-To

  Description for Cloud Pond Lean-To

Description by celt


In the Barren-Chairback Range in the 100 mile wood. 0.3 mile from the A.T. on beautiful Cloud Pond.
I scaled a boulder to get this high angle shot in September 2003.

Comments for Cloud Pond Lean-To (6)

  1. #1 Uncle Wayne
    Are you on the trail to the shelter or just a higher vantage point? Good view of shelter.
  2. #2 Kozmic Zian
    Great shot from off of the top o' the bolder...Know I don't remember where this bolder was....must have had blinders on? It's so easy to forget details....after a few years. KZ@
  3. #3 ga2me9603
    Notice the space between the between the platform and the front side of the shelter. This is typical of the shelters in Maine and a design I never understood. Does anyone know why they built them like this?
  4. #4 celt
    The log on the front of the shelter is the deacon's seat, a place to sit and gather without getting in the dark of the shelter, or to cook. The gap between the seat and the platform is for trapping porcupines who try to enter the shelter to gnaw the wood. This is an old function, there aren't as many porkies in the woods these days. It also a good place to put your boots to keep mud off the sleeping area. Check out this short thread on Maine shelters from a while back: http://www.whiteblaze.net/forum/showthread.php?t=3386
  5. #5 walkin' wally
    A shelter in Maine that is a good example of porcupine damage is located at Spaulding Mountain.
    The critters have really chewed the leading edges of the boards of the sleeping deck.The shelter there is a little low to the ground and the porkies can get at the wood (salt). I don't know how to submit a photo to show the damage though. The fisher is the natural enemy of the porcupine and I think there are more fishers around now. The Cloud Pond Shelter reminds me a little of stonehenge with all the large boulders around.
  6. #6 joepilkington
    Excellent. This features prominently in Bill Brysons 'A Walk in the Woods' and this shows exactly how correct he was when he says it was a picturesque yet lonely place if alone.