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trash from gooch shelter

Added by Dances with Mice
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‹‹Gooch Mountain Shelter   Gooch  trash from gooch shelter  Gooch Mtn. Shelter

  Description for trash from gooch shelter

Description by Dances with Mice

Dances with Mice

First sign of Spring in Georgia...

25 pounds of garbage, tent and tent pole bag recovered from Gooch Mtn Shelter.

Comments for trash from gooch shelter (2)

  1. #1 Alpine Jack
    Re: trash from gooch shelter
    It must be the theme of this shelter. There were 4 Large bags of garbage hanging from the bear cables back in June 2010. I thought it was trail magic until I lowered it and found nothing but maggots and liquor bottles.
  2. #2 Jeremy Peyton
    Re: trash from gooch shelter
    We just stayed at this shelter sunday night and the entire area was very clean and well kept, the spring was flowing well, we didnt even filter water at this site. Our favorite shelter on the trip.