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Gray Knob

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by celt
Gray Knob Gray Knob Shelter Gray Knob

  Description for Gray Knob

Description by celt


Gray Knob is 1.2 miles west of Thunderstorm Junction via Lowe's Path in the Northern Presidentals (near Mt Adams). It is listed in the A.T. Data Book. Its distance from the trail doesn't make it a favorite among thru hikers but if caught in dangerous weather above treeline it will offer you protection. This Randolph Mountain Club Cabin is manned by a year round caretaker. Go to www.randolphmountainclub.org for information on fees and accomodations. July 2003.

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  1. #1 icemanat95
    It is advised that hikers bring their own stoves. THe stove on site is really for the caretaker's use.

    Grey Knob is a popular base for Winter trips. You can do extensive day trips out of the cabin or use it as a base for skills development, hiking out above treeline to build snowshelters and igloos, or to try your hand at tenting out in alpine conditions, practicing glissading and self-arrest, etc. It's also cheap. 7 or 9 bucks a night.