Hawk Mountain Shelter

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Hawk Mountain Shelter

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‹‹Hawk Mountain Shelter   Hawk Mountain Shelter  Hawk Mountain Shelter

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  1. #1 mongo
    I love this shelter. I was still freaking out having "really" started the AT! I was sitting here when a guy with 100 pound plus pack wondered in. He didn't look like he was enjoying his AT.

  2. #2 Rain Man
    I love this shelter too. My first on the AT (I section hiked GA). Got some GREAT trail magic here, when a SOBO section hiker gave the two food-less boys with me THREE Mountain House meals.
  3. #3 papa john
    It looks sooo small! I have it in my mind as being much larger than that. Going back in June to rehike Springer to Dick's Creek. Haven't been back on this stretch in awhile.