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Windstorm Damage Ike Branch Trail, Slickrock Wilderness NC. We cleared away all small branches. Evidence people had been going up hill and around this. Largest tree will require very large saw and some serious wenching to remove.

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  1. #1 jlb2012
    Re: HalfofmilefromSlickrock3
    the smaller tree in the foreground was cut and cleared from trail - may need 1 more cut depending on the plan for the larger blowdown - larger blowdown is more like 30-36 inch oak and it is only about 50% probable IMO that the rotten center extends to where the cut would be placed - could be cleared with 1 cut and come-along work but the best saw to cut it is a 6 foot bucking saw which I don't have (I use a 5 foot felling saw for the big work just that its not the best for this blowdown - I have done one solid oak like this - took 3 days to make two crappy cuts) - could also be left if some steps are cut into it or the trail is routed around it - one idea I had was to bore some holes and stick large diameter dowels in the blowdown to make it easy to climb over - one in top center for a handhold and one on each side as a step up - 3 total

    trail will need to be reconstructed anyways due to the tree in the background taking a chunk of trail out when it leaned over - given this I would suggest making the cut (6 ft bucking saw if possible or 5 ft felling saw if not) then use the come-along and pull the log down to the bed of the old trail - run the new trail along uphill edge of the log
  2. #2 Two Speed
    Re: HalfofmilefromSlickrock3
    Wenching???? Who knew trail maintenance could be so much fun!