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Lone Wolf

Added by The Old Fhart
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‹‹Hiker Parade   dog and cat and mouse, oh my!  Lone Wolf  Hammy on Bike-Good Technique.

  Description for Lone Wolf

Description by The Old Fhart

The Old Fhart

Lone Wolf with his new bike. You wouldn't know it from reading the forums but Lone Wolf and I do get along well over a cold one.

Comments for Lone Wolf (1)

  1. #1 Jaybird
    Excellent photo of L.W....love the new bike!

    glad to see he is a helmet wearer.
  2. #2 squirrel bait
    Nice scooter, get it at a store Love your attitude and enjoy hearing from guys from that branch of the NAVY.
  3. #3 coach lou
    Re: Lone Wolf
    That would be the Mens Department................RAH