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Poplar Ridge Lean-To

Added by celt
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Poplar Ridge Lean-To

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by celt
Poplar Ridge Lean-To

  Description for Poplar Ridge Lean-To

Description by celt


North of the Saddleback Range. Build in 1960 and still has a baseball bat floor. October 2003.

Comments for Poplar Ridge Lean-To (1)

  1. #1 Uncle Wayne
    So far all of the Maine shelter look like they are located in scenic areas and all appear to be of the same construction.
  2. #2 walkin' wally
    I spent the night here with ATV and Crumbsnatcher. The U S Navy has a wilderness training school in the area for escape and evasion training. After 3 days the pilots are taken to a simulated concentration camp. The Navy also flies inert sea launched cruise missles to this area from the Atlantic ocean for practice recovery.