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Very close encounters with deer

Added by Jumpstart
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Very close encounters with deer

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‹‹not exactly wildLIFE...   Bear In Delaware Water Gap  Very close encounters with deer  Roan Highlands TN/NC, 6/24/10

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  1. #1 Hikerhead
    By chance, is this picture at the Thomas Knob shelter?
  2. #2 Jumpstart
    Yes it was, right before a MONSTER thunderstorm. I was amazed at how close the deer would let you get!
  3. #3 Hikerhead
    When I was there July 4th weekend she had a fawn that kept it's distance. Momma had yet to teach it the art of begging I suppose. Nice shot.
  4. #4 poison_ivy
    What a great picture!
  5. #5 Tink
    Lucky you!! Great pic.
  6. #6 Jaybird
    great photo Jumpstart...did u know there is a male JumpStart?
    he thru-hiked (i think 1998 or 99) & parachuted to the top of Springer to start his hike.

    see you UP the trail!

    a photo of the "other" JumpStart is on the Model-T website:

  7. #7 The Solemates
    I think we saw this same doe when we were there in August 03.
  8. #8 walkin' wally
    I want to thru hike in a few years. This is one of the things that I think the AT is all about. It looks like such a nice moment. Great pic!!! -Walkin Wally
    This will be one of my favorites on Whiteblaze.
  9. #9 creaky bones
    Nice shot!
  10. #10 icemanat95
    Re: Very close encounters with deer
    I have fed supposed wild deer by hand in Maine and in North Carolina and was within a foot or two of a fawn in the Shenandoahs. While it is very interesting from the hiker's point of view, it's a very bad thing from an ecological perspective as the deer get to depending upon humans for food and stop fearing them, which means unnaturally large harvests during hunting season.
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