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Rattlesnake v. Chipmunk

Added by Lone Star
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Rattlesnake v. Chipmunk

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‹‹group photo   Wayah Bald  Rattlesnake v. Chipmunk  not exactly wildLIFE...

  Description for Rattlesnake v. Chipmunk

Description by Lone Star

Lone Star

Walked up on this pair somewhere in Virginia. You guess who won the contest.

Comments for Rattlesnake v. Chipmunk (11)

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  1. #1 Stoker53
    Lone Star...you could spend the rest of your life in the woods and never see anything like this again. Great photo !!!!
  2. #2 Turtle2
    Fabulous! What timing!!
  3. #3 gonzo
    Spot on. Thank God for the "zoom" feature on a camera! Did the snake end up eating the chipmunk?
  4. #4 Lone Star
    The chipmunk was barely breathing when I walked up on the pair. The snake was very relaxed, so I watched for about 5 minutes to see what would happen. The chipmunk was still alive then, I needed to be on my way and I had passed a little girl hiking with her dad not too long before then, so before I left I moved the pair well off to the side of the trail. Didn't want him to become agitated as she passed by.
  5. #5 refreeman
    Re: Rattlesnake v. Chipmunk
    Awesome picture!

    Hmm so the snake was just waiting for the venom to do its job on the chipmunk?
  6. #6 wilderness bob
    Re: Rattlesnake v. Chipmunk
    Great photo, at first look the snake resembles a Copperhead instead of a Rattler. Regardless, I bet what type of snake it was did not matter to the Chipmunk (aka trail snack)
  7. #7 Hammock Hanger
    Re: Rattlesnake v. Chipmunk
    Looks like dinner to me... Nice photo.
  8. #8 dpage
    Re: Rattlesnake v. Chipmunk
    great pic!!!
  9. #9 rdsoxfan
    Re: Rattlesnake v. Chipmunk
    This is a tremedous photo....looks like some dinner for the snake. Better the chippy than you!
  10. #10 Egads
    Re: Rattlesnake v. Chipmunk
    I always enjoy this pic when I happen upon it
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