Horse Chestnuts

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by Marta
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Mysterious fruit found in the GSMNP, 9/1/08.

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  1. #1 michael rowlands
    Re: Horse Chestnuts
    Just a note from someone who love to eat chestnuts. What you have pictured here is the buckyee. It is inedible. It is poison. The chestnut has a spiny outer shell. The buckyee and the chestnut are similar in looks after it is out of the shell. The buckyee is more waxy and shiny. Rowmin Goat aka Mike Rowlands.
  2. #2 MoBill122
    Re: Horse Chestnuts
    Appears to be a " Sweet Buckeye ". The "Ohio Buckeye" has a spiny thin husk. The Horsechestnut has spiny barbs too. Buckeyes are poisonous as Micheal said.