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Eliza Brook Shelter

Added by Blissful
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Description by Blissful


Eliza Brook shelter

Comments for Eliza Brook Shelter (2)

  1. #1 South Walker
    Re: Eliza Brook Shelter
    Great stay here on 7/7/99. Arrived in time to get water and arrange everything before a big thunderstorm arrived. I wondered how the nobo blind hiker I met about 15 minutes before the brook crossing was fairing. A youth group arrived during the storm, everyone totally soaked. The 2 leaders stayed in the shelter and the boys pitched their tents in the rain. The next morning it had cleared and when I departed about 8:30 the leaders were sound asleep and the youths were standing around cold, wet and hungry looking miserable.
  2. #2 Kerosene
    Re: Eliza Brook Shelter
    I tented here the evening of 9/10/06 after a short 9-mile 2nd day from Beaver Brook Shelter. I clearly recall my aching quads and knees descending to Kinsman Notch...the start of my end of my knee joints. The ascent out of the Notch was just fine, but the rocky & rooty slog along Kinsman Ridge was "mentally and physically exhausting". I had planned to hike further, but decided not to contend with the South Kinsman climb in late afternoon. My journal says that I had dinner with Happy Jack, Polar Bear and Rice Burner.