100,000 miles

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The people in this photo taken at Springer Mt. have over 100,000 miles of hiking experience. Who knows them all? let me know if you have it figured out.

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  1. #1 yellowsun
    This photo radiates such good vibes. Looks like really wonderful people. I hope I meet folks like that soon.
  2. #2 fiddlehead
    This photo was taken Feb 10, 2002 at Springer to celebrate the finish of our 1st leg of our triple crown in one year attempt. All of these friends came to help us celebrate. We had Springer to ourselves for a few hours too!
    I was hoping there would be some people seeing this picture who knew everyone in it. I will wait a bit longer before saying who everyone is to see if someone comes up with the answer. (or a good guess)
    That whole journey in 2001/2002 can be checked out at: http://members.tripod.com/triplecrownoneyear/index.htm
    All of our pictures, logs, stories and guestbook can be seen there. fiddlehead
  3. #3 Blister
    Well there of course is FH in front with Pieps, who will be getting married on the 23rd by the way. Skid in the back with Sly, looks like Looney (the girl). I recognize the white beard but fail a name. How\'d I do?
  4. #4 fiddlehead
    you got 4 right and one wrong. (no Skid in this picture)
    hint: try picturing the white beard with long (very long) white hair.
    keep trying! fh
  5. #5 Alligator
    Left, Nimblewill Nomad? Never met him though.
  6. #6 fiddlehead
    Right Alligator! that\'s 5 down and 2 to go. (Blister, you know at least one of the others)
  7. #7 Sly
    Looks like the guessing game is over...

    Bottom left clockwise, Pieps, Nomad, Looney, Shirt, Tom Horn, Sly, Fiddlehead.

    It was a good day!
  8. #8 StarLyte
    What an excellent photo--thank you for sharing this Fiddlehead.