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Pleasant Pond Lean-to

Added by TJ aka Teej
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Pleasant Pond Lean-to

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Pleasant Pond Lean-to Pleasant Pond Lean-to

  Description for Pleasant Pond Lean-to

Description by TJ aka Teej

TJ aka Teej

Pleasant Pond Lean-to. In springtime the water source is *under* the shelter!

Comments for Pleasant Pond Lean-to (2)

  1. #1 Uncle Wayne
    Nice shot. All of these Maine shelters look to be in scenic areas.
  2. #2 Youngblood
    This photo brings back memories. I think it was the last time I started a campfire on my thru. I started a fire to keep the bugs at bay... it did that but the wind blew the smoke right into the shelter and it pretty much kept us out of the shelter too. We just took a little walk and enjoyed the pond. Later on another thru stopped by who had swam across the river (didn't want to wait for a shuttle). He was going at some unreal pace and was tired/wet. He downed a jar of peanut butter, a block of cheese and then headed north to get some more miles in while he still had some daylight. He ate so fast and was in & out so quickly that he seemed like a 'figment of our imaginations'. I mean, we were slowing down a little to savor the last part of our journey and the contrast of his philosophy of an all out assault to get to Katahdin as soon as physically possible was dramatic.